Pursuit Modeling

To better serve our clients, Crow Financial Partners engages at the early conceptual stage of the project providing the pursuit modeling and analysis and bringing considerable subject matter knowledge to the decision making process by bringing forward to each new project the accretive knowledge of the financing completed in each product type. We qualify these against the applicable matrixes:

  • To make sure the project will satisfy current financial market requirements
  • Help the sponsor quickly determine feasibility to effectively manage pursuit costs
  • Enable client to evaluate more opportunities and respond quickly to close more deals

Capital Structure

CFR specializes in complex financial modeling and structuring. Our staff represents deep and broad experience in essentially all real estate property types and is very skilled and taking complex financial analysis and reducing it into a clear and simplified solution for the project in order to achieve appropriate debt structures with lenders and maximum returns on investor equity. While CFR facilitates either equity and/or debt financing engagements, CFR prefers to source both equity and debt financing on each project. This enables our team to more effectively negotiate and calibrate the optimal debt and equity ratios, the terms and conditions and optimize the financial structure to minimize risk and maximize potential project profits.

Financing Memorandum

With over 80 years of combined experience in real estate lending, equity investment and real estate development, we understand what information financial institutions and equity investors want to see as well as in what order they want to see this information; therefore, we design our financing memorandum for the purpose of presenting this essential project information in a clear, sequential and logical process that facilitates the effective and efficient review and sizing of each opportunity by the debt and equity decision makers in only a few minutes. This achieves several important benefits:

  • Debt and equity sources recognize that the CFR financing memorandum is designed to facilitate an extremely quick and efficient sizing of the opportunity and appreciate the fact that CFR respects their time. We present them with the relevant and essential information they need in the sequence in which the need it, saving them considerable time and work.
  • Our memorandum typically includes the essential information to approve a financing request (accepting personal financial statements of the sponsor) but not the information necessary to close the transaction which is supplied subsequent to approval. This reduced size facilitates an email version of the financing information so the relationship manager can effectively and quickly distribute the file to appropriate analyst and associates.
Equity and Debt Financing

CFR has a dedicated staff that constantly monitors the debt and equity markets to ensure that we know which lenders and equity investors are providing the most favorable financing terms for each property type. This serves our clients by:

  • Enabling CFR to quickly obtain term sheets from qualified debt and equity providers to qualify the client projects in the capital markets in the early conceptual stage of the opportunity saves our clients time, allowing thim to focus on capturing the opportunity, creating value on the ground, and effectively managing project pursuit cost.
  • Achieving best financing terms in the market.
Debt Financing

  • Land Acquisition
  • Land Development
  • Construction Debt
  • Mezzanine Debt
  • Permanent Debt

Equity Placement
  • Institutional Equity – $1,000,000 to $35,000,000 per proposal
  • Private Equity – When appropriate on smaller raises we can pace the equity with a select group of individual investors. The majority of these investors have been professionally involved in real estate


With development experience in both income property and residential developments, CFR will occasionally be requested to join with an investor or developer client to Co-invest and/or develop properties. In these partnerships CFR will, jointly with the sponsor/partner provide a range of project development services such as project design, budgeting development supervision, construction supervision, financial reporting and asset management.

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