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Crow Finance and Realty, LLC (CFR) is a commercial Real Estate Finance Company and Oil & Gas Mineral Acquisition company providing debt and equity financing for real estate developers and buying mineral and royalty assets across the US. CFR Principles have over 60 years of combined experience in real estate finance, development and consulting in virtually all product types.

CFR adds value to its clients by providing sophisticated financial analysis, modeling, and preparation of financing memorandums, negotiation and closing. In addition, through our depth of experience, we bring specialized property and market subject matter knowledge, strategic consulting, asset management and optimal structuring to each assignment.

While some CFR assignments are simply to source debt and/ or equity for a project or property, many of our customers realize that their highest and best use lies in the development process of visualizing a project, gaining control of the land, and executing the development. With CFR pursuit modeling support, these clients can evaluate more opportunities and close more deals. By outsourcing the modeling, packaging, and debt and equity sourcing to CFR, the clients can focus their energies on the activities that best leverage their experience, skills, and enjoyment, resulting in more bottom line profits.

CFR works with the client to develop a financial structure that addresses the current realities of the marketplace while optimizing the financial results to the client. Because we are in close and constant touch with the debt and equity finance markets, CFR can execute quickly and efficiently. And our role does not stop with closing; at the request of our client, we will stay integrally involved in post closing processes including construction draws, financial modifications, update modeling refinance and preparation of sales memorandum, refinance disposition and asset management.

In addition to providing brokerage services, CFR provides asset management services and acquisition opportunities for a fund that targets completed residential lots and entitled land in major markets of Texas and Florida. More specifically, the investment objectives listed in priority are to acquire 1) residential subdivision lots with entitlements and infrastructure in place; 2) paper lots and residual land; 3) land entitled for residential lots. The fund also considers land and lot banking transactions with qualified builders.

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